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Typical Bulkhead Damage & Repair 

This customer had many Randall BH 2000 Bulkheads such as this that had been condemned as junk. The scuff ws torn off, the Bulkhead is torn in half, no straps and blown apart hinges. Dumpster material for most customers. Not so.

This is what it looked like when AAA was done with it. Better than new because we not only repaired the hinges, but we reinforced them so that they are better than OEM new. 10" replacement scuff is also standard when doing repairs.

This Randall Bulkhead has been torn in half at the hinge, suffered damage to the hinge plates, straps and core. This usually renders the bulkhead useless because the hinge hardware is torn away and the core is exposed.

The damage to the core, hinge, and hinge straps have been repaired. The hinge itself replaced, hinge caps re-installed. All hardware replaced and the bulkhead has been put together as new.

Typical Wear & Repair to older Skinny Bun Insulated Bulkhead

This 10 year old Skinny Bun product needs a new scuff and some bottom corner work. As with all Skinny Buns, the core is in great condition so we had the foundation necessary to make repairs.

The bottom corners were repaired with new Foam and heavy reinforced Vinyl. The heavy duty UHMW Scuff is bolted on (as was the original) and covers the bottom as well as 10" from the ground up, on both the front and back of the bulkhead.

Better than factory new repair to a ROM Bulkhead

Typical of the ROM Loadmaker, the bottom 3" of this Bulkhead was destroyed because the manufacturer never installed a hard bottom Scuff. The bottom was so damaged the Bulkhead was too short and basically useless. Here, the bottom 3" has been repaired, the bottom corners have been replaced with new foam and heavy reinforced vinyl.

New 1/8 thick HDPE scuff has been attached to the bottom and 10" of both sides of the ROM Bulkhead; by far a superior fix to the original Bulkhead. The Bulkhead now fits tightly and because it has a tough new scuff, it will provide years of service to the customer.

Typical damage top the hinge of a ROM Bulkhead. In this case the hinge was sliced intentionally.  Both E-straps were also cut in half.  This bulkhead will not seal properly or stay in position.

Here, both halves of the bulkhead were repaired, the center hinge was replaced and both E-straps have been replaced.  A back strap has also been added to the other side of the hinge as a reinforcement.


Severe Damages Done to Insulated Bulkheads

This 5 year old Skinny Bun (SB2) shown here has had the bottom scuff torn off and shows additional damage to the corners and hinge. Despite the severe scuff damage, the core of the Bulkhead is in great shape, which is typical of the Skinny Bun products.  Seldom does a Skinny Bun need to be discarded rather than repaired.

Typical damages - this is an ITW SB2  - include split hinge - usually caused by forcing the bulkhead open against the hinge.  The same type of damage can also be caused by slicing the hinge open with a knife.

Typical to all bulkheads, the top perimeter seal has been sliced open by sharp objects within the trailer, such as the light fixtures or the corners of the evaporator cages.


Typical ITW Skinny Bun Repairs

Here is the same SB2 with our factory type scuff replacement. We have also repaired the bottom corner with heavier than factory vinyl and improved other areas. This Bulkhead is better than new, for a fraction of the price.

The hinge has been rebuilt as have the lower inside corners of the bulkhead.  The hinge has been reinforced and then sewn back together, full length.

The damaged top perimeter seal has been cut away, the foam replaced with new, and all re-covered with new vinyl for the factory original repair.


Typical Damages to an FG Reflex Insulated Bulkhead

FG Reflex with common damage that can occur with even new Bulkheads. The scuff has peeled away and the bottom has been pulverized. The hinge is torn out and the perimeter seals at the corners are gone. The BH is too short and will not seal to the ceiling.

This FG Reflex Bulkhead has been torn open down the center, E-straps cut in half.

This is a lower outside corner perimeter seal of a FG Reflex Bulkhead.  The vinyl is torn open and there is some loss of the foam seal.


Repairs to FG Reflex Insulated Bulkhead

AAA has repaired the core, replaced the outside corners and the hinge. A heavy duty scuff has been added to give the BH structure and protection. The BH now fits tightly floor to ceiling. This BH is better than new.

Each half of the bulkhead was repaired and then the center hinge was replaced.  A back strap ( not shown here) was added to the reverse side of the hinge.  Much like a book binding, for added strength.

The lower corner of the bulkhead received new foam and was covered with 40 oz. vinyl, heavier than the original material.

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