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  • That a damaged bulkhead can cause your refrigeration unit to run nearly all of the time, wasting fuel and increasing maintenance costs?   A reefer that runs continuously could have double the hourly operation expense, emit much more exhaust than the corporate "Green Footprint" has projected and of course consume additional fuel. One hour of reduced run time per day can save as much as $6 per day, per vehicle and reduce exhaust by 12.5% !
  • That a damaged bulkhead will often lead to product losses due to unwanted air movement from one compartment into another?  Freezing front compartment air will migrate through damaged hinges, around torn side seals or past missing bottom corners. For example, freezing dairy and produce. Triple A will repair all hinge, seal, scuff and corner damage!
  • That damaged insulated bulkheads are responsible for most of the customer dissatisfaction  and lost accounts incurred by refrigerated food distributors? Frozen or thawed food products, wet packaging, ice buildup are all results of damaged or ill-fitting bulkheads. A properly fitting bulkhead repaired by Triple A will eliminate frequent defrosts, sweating on the inside of the vehicle and frozen or thawed food products!
  • That very little - if any - temperature transfer is actually through the bulkhead itself, but rather around the edges, the perimeter seals? You may have great LOOKING bulkheads but....
    Your reefer unit creates static pressure inside of the closed truck or trailer. This pressure builds and wants to escape from one compartment to the next. Certain manufacturers use inexpensive soft foam or wedged shape foam seal or even cover the perimeter seals in a nylon material. The reasoning for this was to manufacture an "easy to install" bulkhead. Soft foam or wedge shaped seals tend to flatten or "mushroom" in time; leaving a gap between the ceiling and the top and sides of the bulkhead. Unlike a vinly covered seal, the nylon covered seals have little or no grip on the inside walls and ceiling of the vehicle. Sure, the bulkhead moves in and out of position very easily; but it does not seal tightly.  A bulkhead must cause some physical exertion when installing it, or else it is too loose!  Triple A can replace or extend the side and top seals, with superior materials, so that the bulkhead fits properly.
  • That the price paid for a new Bulkhead is not always a reflection of the quality of the product. There are several expensive Bulkheads manufactured today that will not last as long as inexpensive brands and models, and visa versa.   Before you purchase new Bulkheads contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.  At Triple A we  provide consultation services and new bulkhead sales, assisting our customers with the selection of equipment that will best serve their needs.
  • That a damaged or poorly fitting bulkhead is more likely than not to be the problem regarding temperature control, but 9 out of 10 times the reefer unit is blamed? This leads to a lot of down time, wasted service calls to and from refrigeration dealers and in many cases, upset drivers and customers.  Triple A will implement an annual maintenance program for your fleet as you would the trailer and reefer. Fleet inspections every 6 -12 months and the required repairs mean less surprises!
  • That a damaged or ill-fitting bulkhead is often one of the  contributors to poor driver attitude?  In most cases the driver cannot reverse the effects of a damaged or ill-fitting bulkhead. Yet, he may have to incur the wrath of the customer, wrestle with a bulkhead that does not fit, and then deliver a product he may feel the customer will be satisfied with. Knowing he is upsetting his account, having to return the goods the next day, this all means extra work and lost customers, ultimately damage to the driver's ego and attitude.
  • That the repair and regular maintenance of your insulated bulkheads will improve or eliminate all of the above???


For more information... please contact AAA Insulated Bulkhead Sales & Service, now celebrating our 7th year as the nation's top bulkhead repair provider, and plan a bulkhead repair & maintenance program for 2010.

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